Trench Mesh Spacers

1. Position trench mesh spacer on bottom T.M. bar at
     centre of crosswire, then engage top bar.
2. Clip spacer on bottom bar then position top bar at
3. Spacer now ready to snap lock to mesh by firm      pressure with two hands. Alternatively tap on.
4. If loose, tap sideways to lock. A rigid cage is then
The Trench Mesh Spacers are available in the following sizes at your Steel Reinforcing Outlet.
200mm8TM 250mm 8TM 300mm 8TM 350mm 8TM 400mm 8TM 450mm 8TM 500mm 8TM
200mm11TM 250mm 11TM 300mm 11TM 350mm 11TM 400mm 11TM 450mm 11TM 500mm 11TM
200mm12TM 250mm 12TM 300mm 12TM 350mm 12TM 400mm 12TM 450mm 12TM 500mm 12TM